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Olarchy is a digital platform dedicated to asset managers for handling their rental processes. ​

This collaborative tool allows to structure, centralize and manage all the actions to rent your vacant premises, from the brokers' pitch to the signing of the lease, including the management of mandates, marketing reports, the follow-up of prospects and visits and to share documents.

Blockchain immobilier Olarchy

Client needs confirmed by the market

Proptech Survey 2021 (Business Immo & Yardi) reveales a strong expectation of investors about digital tools


facilitate the leasing process structuration

78%  Wants a better integration of their datas

63%   Are willing to equip themselves with a tool that improves workflows and collaborative processes  

68%    Thinks that a digital tool will allow them to gain in productivity

A use that fits your stakes

INTERNAL Management

Important dealflow


Olarchy allows the writing, the securization and the monitoring of your actions (workflows, KPIs, dashboard, alerts)



Major rental stakes

Olarchy facilitate your interactions with brokers and potential tenants and easies the access to market datas (competing offers and transaction references)


A tool 100% dedicated to leasing process 

01 Promote

Digital display for your offers

Letting data room

Letting workflow structuring


02 Manage

Mandate management

Follow visits and potential tenants (embedded CRM)

Competition follow-up (offers and transactions)


03 Negociate

Application management

Collaborative deal room

Onboard signature (DocuSign)


04 Reporting

Key Performance Indicators

Excel Exports 

Summary sheet

Travail collaboratif


Today, real estate jobs are in constant evolution and the stakes of the sector and profesionals change. In order to adress the new needs of the market, companies must adapt by intergrating new digital, human and environmental goals to their solutions.

Blockchain immobilier Olarchy

Générer des revenus complémentaires

Plastiques, ordures et autres déchets non inertes

Smart lease

A digital replica of the lease, incorporating all the data negociated on the platform. It enables an automated billing


Put your asset and its rights on a digital token that will be instantaneously and securely traded with you purchaser / lesso on the blockchain. 


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Supply & Demand matching

An easier way to find prospects for your asset and for you to find new investments. This technological advance will enable you to double your reactivity and never miss an opportunity.

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